The captain and I felt that recording in his cabin would be more quiet ;)

I long felt that I needed to replace the earlier term of Elder with something else. I finally came up with Ulflinnâr(i). Well, actually it was Ulthlinnâr(i), to be written as UlȚlinnâr(i). But a lot of people would pronounce it with an F anyway, or worse, think the thor character is a P, so I decided to just stick with the F. Though in all honesty, the main reason for changing it; after having to write the word for 6 pages in a row, it kinda started to annoy me. You need the alt-code 0222 to get the Ț and that really hinders the speed of typing.

By the way, I do actually have quite a few storylines about our captain's time in space. Hopefully I will get to them some time in the future. But they are not important for now. That he's lived in space is enough to know, in order to explain that technology he has.

NB: Space Photoshop & GIMP brushes by Obsidian Dawn.